In our shop, you find original vintage equipment to listen to and play music the way it should sound like! The warm, full sound of tube equipment is unique. Sadly, some people forgot it, some never experienced it – but it's never too late!

Back then, companies offered outstanding craftsmanship paired with adorable, timeless design and high-quality materials. These products with their great sound and look were made to last. We are able to repair them for you and they also make an excellent investment.


Vintage Gold offers you a wide selection of instruments, microphones, harpmics, amplifiers and much more from the golden age of tubesound and craftmansship.

Additionally, we offer a massive selection of all kinds of original radios, record players, tapemaschines, TVs and much more.

You need someone to repair or service your favorite item? Contact Vintage Gold!

We also digitize your vintage tapes and copy them to your favorite format.


We offer you all the period-perfect technical equipment you need for your movie, video clip, gig or show at fair rates.

We are also happy to help you find the right equipment for your music project, stage appereance or film project.


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Fri 12 am – 6 pm, or upon prior appointment via phone or email.